War of the Monarch (Dusk till Dawn) Prerelease!

July 9th @ 5:30PM


$45 Entry
Monarch Draft Format
Draft + 3 rounds of swiss

The winner of each draft pod will receive either 1 of the Cold Foil hero cards at random

Each participant will receive a Herald of Ravages (Rainbow Foil) extended art promo card as a participation award

The remaining Cold Foil hero cards will be given away as random prize draws (to someone who has not already received a Cold Foil prize card)

6 Dusk Till Dawn Boosters per person in prize pool

Booster Draft quick breakdown:
Each player drafts cards from 3 boosters
1 young hero card from the set
Start with a minimum of 30 cards in the deck
Any amount of each unique card
30 minutes per round, first to 1

Contact us to sign up!