October Events!


Lorcana Open League Play Fridays at 6PM!

One Piece on Saturdays at noon!

Shadowverse Evolve tournament every Sunday!

October 1st– Flesh & Blood Bright Lights Prerelease

October 6th– Modern Horizons 2 Booster Draft

October 7th– One Piece Store Championship

October 8th– Shadowverse Evolve Championship Showdown

October 9th – Closed (Thanksgiving Day)

October 14th– Doctor WHO Commander Launch Party

October 15th– Yu-Gi-Oh! Age of Overlord Premiere! event

October 28th– MTG Harvesttide Festival

October 31st– Pokemon League Challenge

Contact us to sign up for events! Regular events can be signed up for as early as 1 week prior Special events can be signed up for at any time