Bright Lights Pre-Release!

Sunday Oct 1st @ 5:30PM

Entry: $50

Bright Lights Sealed Deck is the format for this event.

This will use modified format rules, with 2 points of difference from normal Flesh and Blood Sealed Deck: Bright Lights uses only FOUR booster packs per player Decks have a maximum size of 40 cards (and a minimum of 30).

Players will receive two participation packs (In addition to the 4 used to build their deck), which will be distributed to players at the end of the event.

2 packs per person into prize pool

1st place will receive one Proto Base set (Cold Foil)

2nd place will receive one of each Rainbow Foil Young Hero (1x Dash, 1x Maxx, 1x Teklovossen)

Breaker Key Art Playmats will be given out as random prize draws for participation

16 person cap

Contact us to sign up!